We are members of the global jiu-jitsu team, Zenith BJJ.  

This means that while we are still Clarion MMA, our bjj classes are also part of the Zenith family.  When we compete, we compete under the Zenith banner and all of our promotions are done through the Zenith system. 

How this has helped us

We have traveled to the Zenith Headquarters in Las Vegas to join training camps as the team has prepared for major tournaments.  We have used their help to prepare for the American Nationals, Masters Worlds and Gracie Worlds.  

  • All of our promotions are vetted through the Zenith team.  This high standard ensures we have belt ranks that are recognized around the world.
  • We have been able to take our students on fun training trips to other Zenith schools, especially the Las Vegas headquarters!
  • We have access to not only the entire curriculum of the Zenith team, but their world champion instructors as well!  That means when we can’t travel to them, they will come to us!  We have hosted numerous seminars with Zenith’s best and brightest superstars.

About Zenith

The team was founded by Robert Drysdale and Rodrigo Cavaca.  Together they have united schools across the globe under the Zenith banner.  

During the lockdowns and quarantine related to Covid-19, the team rallied to provide video learning to teammates around the world.  Binda Jiu-Jitsu in Massachusetts opened up their online kids program to any of the kids on the team, at no charge!  Our head instructor, Robert Drysdale, provided both live online content and access to recorded lessons; again, at no charge!  

Look for the team on social media by following the hashtag #wearezenith

Robert Drysdale

Robert Lewis Drysdale is an American Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu 4th degree black belt, who has traveled, competed, and taught around the world. Also a retired undefeated mixed martial artist and finished his career at 7 wins and 0 losses. His home base as an instructor is at his own BJJ academy, Drysdale Jiu-Jitsu in LasVegas, NV.

Having won the toughest jiu-jitsu competitions such as ADCC World Championships (2007), IBJJF Gi World Championships (2005). He was referred to by Vice Magazine as “America’s jiu-jitsu superhero”, regarded by BJJ Heroes as “the most accomplished American Grappler of his generation” and as the best Submission Wrestler in the World by Gracie Magazine.

Rodrigo Cavaca

Rodrigo Cavaca is one of the top fighters in the “Pesadissimo” jiu jitsu division, who became one of the main coaches of the  Checkmat team, producing several high end athletes through his academy in Santos (Sao Paulo), competitors such as Marcus Almeida, Nivaldo Oliveira, Michelle Nicolini. In 2010 Cavaca had one of his best years as a competitor, winning the world title and the Brazilian national title, cementing his name as one of the great jiu jitsu fighters of his generation, this success was closely tied with Cavaca’s advancements on the Straight Ankle Lock, a position he made popular in the sport after working with the American grappling coach Roli Delgado. On October 2013 however, coach Rodrigo Cavaca abandoned the Checkmat team to lead his own team, Zenith Jiu Jitsu alongside Robert Drysdale.