Have you considered private lessons for you or your child?  We offer private training that can either stand alone or supplement group classes.  

Depending on your individual needs, you can book training with our wrestling coach, a jiu-jitsu instructor or go one-on-one with our strength and conditioning coach. Private lessons are the fastest way to improve on exactly what you need, with training tailored specifically to you and your goals.

Every person learns a different way. Some are aural, some are visual, some are hands-on, etc. Sometimes in a group setting you might not be reaching your full potential with lessons that cannot be individually tailored to everyone at same time. Private lessons help you achieve the greatest amount of success in the least amount of time.

Unlike a group setting, the private lesson provides individual accountability. Sometimes when we struggle with a concept we can unintentionally, discreetly “hide” in the group. No such chance exists in a private lesson.  In contrast, during a private lesson your coach is able to note areas of struggle and give real time, individual-specific assistance.

Private lessons move at your pace.  If someone is naturally gifted, nothing can be more frustrating than having to wait for everyone else in the class to catch up. If someone else needs a little more time to get to the same place, they can feel like they are burdening the group and end up stopping before they get what they need.  Private lessons, on the other hand, move at your pace and can progress as slowly or quickly as need be.

  • Sessions range from $25 per hour for senior instructors to $50 per hour for head coaches. 
  • Price includes training for either yourself or yourself plus a partner.
  • Multi-session Packages are available at a discounted rate.