Rob is a grappling expert.  He has accumulated over 40 years of wrestling experience as both an athlete and a coach.

He was the Ohio state champion in 1989.  

To this day he holds the record for the fastest pin at the state tournament.

He wrestled for 5 years for Clarion University, where he earned the honors of Div. 1. All – American in 1994 and 2 time EWL champion. He is also an EWL Hall of Fame inductee.

His wrestling experience catapulted him on his jiu-jitsu journey, where he has risen from white to purple belt.  In 2018 he fought his way to the gold medal in the  IBJJF World Masters Championship in the blue belt absolute division.  This led to a “battlefield promotion” to purple belt, awarded by jiu-jitsu legend, Robert Drysdale.