For only $30 a month, our Fitness Membership gives you access to a wide variety of classes specifically designed to help you become a better you! All of our classes are designed so that anyone can participate, regardless of their current fitness and skill level. Included with this membership is unlimited access to the following classes:

Strength & Conditioning– General fitness classes where the workouts can include weights and a variety of other exercises.

Sometimes you will be an exercise for a certain number of reps or for a specific time. However, it’s always to your individual level and ability. The goal is make you better than you were yesterday, not better than the other people in class.

Casey’s Weekly Workout – Tuesday night at 6:30pm, join us for a class of team building, obstacle courses, running, monkey bars, and rope climbing.

ABC– An aerobics type class focused on Abs, butt, and cardio.  If the weather is nice, bring sneakers.