Zenith Community Program

Serving Clarion, Jefferson and Venango Counties

Martial Arts Sponsorship

We feel that no child should be denied access to the benefits of the martial arts just because they can’t afford it. That’s why we created this program. This registered, non-profit charity offers scholarships to children that need it. Please note, there is a limited amount of money to go around so a letter of need is required along with a bit of paperwork. We want to be sure that this money is requested by people that need it, and not just parents that don’t feel like paying for their kid’s activities. No child will be denied classes for financial reasons.

How can you help? Here are a few ways:

  • You can make a one-time donation to our program. In your donation you can make a note that this is designated for our martial arts scholarships.
  • You can sponsor an upcoming event. From seminars and workshops to tournaments and uniforms, we are always planning something big! Partner with us and become an official sponsor. Contact us at info@zenithcommunity.org to see how you can help.
  • You can provide an ongoing scholarship donation. Each month we can deduct an automatic payment that directly covers the cost of membership for a student in need.
  • Always shop through smile.amazon.com

Monthly Donation Options

You can provide an ongoing scholarship donation. Each month this amount will be deducted as an automatic payment that offsets the cost of membership for a student in need.

* You can cancel anytime online.

Donation Levels

ZCP Monthly Donation
Bronze Level – $4.99
ZCP Monthly Donation
Silver Level – $14.99
ZCP Monthly Donation
Gold Level – $24.99
ZCP Monthly Donation
Full Sponsorship – $49.99

One Time Donation Options

$10 Donation$25 Donation$50 Donation$100 Donation$500 Donation
Choose a donation amount to help the kids in our community!

Or sponsor a youth at ZenithCommunity.org/donate

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